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Workshop #001
  1. Vanilla or chocolate sponge cake
  2. Pineapple OR black forest OR chocolate truffle icing’(variation for pineapple, mango, strawberry, coffee, nougat pastry/cake)
  3. Coconut crispy cookies or cashew butter cookies
Duration: One Day
Workshop #002
  1. Lemon curd tart
  2. Apple pie/blueberry pie (Variation for pumpkin, mango pie)
  3. Bread roll/hotdog
Duration: One Day
Workshop #003
  1. Croissants (variation for Danish Pastry, Cinnamon roll)
  2. Chocolate mousse (variation for coffee mousse, strawberry mousse, mango mousse, pineapple mousse etc…)
  3. Choco walnut brownie
Duration: One Day
Workshop #004
  1. Veg OR Meat puffs
  2. Cheese straw
  3. Veg Or Meat pie.(Variation for Little heart shape biscuit, vol-ou-van, Um-ali etc)
Duration: One Day
Workshop #005
  1. Apple cinnamon muffins
  2. Masala cookies
  3. Foccacia (ITALIAN BREAD)
Duration: One Day
Workshop #006
  1. Chocolate eclair/profit roll with choux pastry
  2. Donut (Dough nut)
  3. Pineapple or Mango souffle
Duration: One Day
Workshop #007
  1. Choco lava muffins
  2. Plum cake Or Rich fruit cake
  3. Marble Cake
Duration: One Day
Workshop #008
  1. Pineapple upside down cake
  2. Caramel custard, variation for bread and butter pudding
  3. Pizza base, soup stick, pita bread
Duration: One Day
Workshop #009
  1. Almond macroon
  2. Cheese cake.(any one flavour)
  3. Red vel- vet cake
Duration: One Day
Workshop #010
  1. Eggless sponge cake
  2. Glace gelicing with any one flavour
  3. Tiramisu
Duration: One Day
Chocolate class
  1. 14 varieties chocolate (Including basic and advance). Soft Centre, hard Centre, liquor, chilly, Ferrero rocher, Etc.
Duration: One Day
Ice cream class
  1. 8 varieties of Ice cream + more recipe Including Chico flavor, pineapple, butter scotch, Choco chip, Black current, Kulfi etc.
Duration: One Day
Cake decoration with sugar craft
  1. Butter Icing, Royal Icing Whip cream Icing, fondant, marzipan, gum paste, Different types flowers, Figures, border, chocolate garnishing etc.
Duration: Three Days
Full course
  1. 30 varieties of dishes, 14 varieties chocolates, 8 varieties Ice cream, Cake decoration (Different types of Icing) Sugar craft, chocolate garnishing + extra reciepes.
Duration: Twenty Days
(Student Convenience Days)
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